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Evacusafe evacuation products

Evacuating injured individuals from a building can be a challenge. Alle evacuation products from leading brand Evacusafe aim to help you evacuate individuals in a safe and comfortable manner. Whether you choose to use a chair or a slider, these products will help you to perform a safe evacuation.

Excel Evacuation Chair

The Excel Evacuation Chair is designed to evacuate persons weighing up to 182 kg’s in case of an emergency. De chair is foldable, easy to store and is accompanied by a matching protective cover. The rubber tracks make it easy and safe to use on all stair surfaces.

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Premium Evacuslider

The Premium Evacuslider is a cost-efficient solution to safely evacuate mobility impaired persons. The mattress is totally adjustable, which makes it possible to evacuate children as well as adults.

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Tri-Wheel Transit Chair

The Tri-wheel Transit Chair is developed to evacuate mobility impaired people in staircases. The unique 3 wheel system makes it easy to move on the steps and helps to evacuate the patient upstairs.

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Transit Chair (4 Wheel)

The 4 Wheel Transit Chair is primarily used to transport persons across level surfaces to a place of safety, as it can be used to lift and carry patients up as well as down the stairs.

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High Quality evacuation products

ARKY offers a wide range of evacuation chairs and other evacuation products, such as evacuation mattresses and transport chairs. We are the official European partner of Evacusafe, one of the leading brands in this industry. All our evacuation chairs and evacuation products offer users high quality and maximum comfort. The clever design makes the chairs easy to store and easy to put to use.


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