Indoor AED cabinets

For indoors, ARKY has developed a high quality metal cabinet. This cabinet is suitable for AED’s of all brands. The cabinet is available in white and green and can be ordered with or without an alarm. There are also options to customize your cabinet. By storing a defibrillator device in an ARKY indoor cabinet, you increase the visility of the AED. Futhermore, your AED is better protected against theft.

Indoor AED cabinets

More and more AED’s are being sold worldwide. Each AED has to be stored safely, but also has to be well accessible and visible.  ARKY AED cabinets are designed to store AED’s of all brands. Our indoor AED cabinets are manufactured out of high-quality aluminium, which makes them extremely light and durable. All our cabinets can be fitted with an acoustic alarm, to prevent theft and abuse.

Customize your AED cabinet

Do you wish to place your own logo on the AED cabinet? Of course this is possible at ARKY. We are always willing to think with you to explore customization options. Please contact our office to discuss the options.

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