Cederroth Eye Wash Station

Cederroth Eye Wash has proven to be more effective than sodium chloride solution on alkali and acid splashes. The Eye Wash Station has been designed to enable you to get help as quickly as possible. The station has space for two bottles which open automatically when you twist them out of their brackets. The bottles are designed to allow you to rinse the eye with a good flow of liquid for around 1.5 minutes. The products have a shelf life of 4.5 years. Buffered liquid increases the chance of saving your eyes.

The Cederroth Eye Wash works to neutralise the eye’s pH value, i.e. it has a neutralising effect on any alkali or acid splashes, giving a quicker result than a normal sodium chloride solution. The effect is generally stronger on alkalis than acids. With the Salvequick plaster dispenser, the plasters are always available and ready to use. You pull the plasters downwards, which avoids getting any dirt or blood on the other plasters. The refills are locked away to prevent any waste. Extra space for other products means that you can adapt the content in your station to the specific needs of your workplace

  • Including 2x 500ml Eye Wash
  • Extra space for additional products
  • Fast and efficient to use
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Including 2x 500ml Eye Wash
100% phosphate-free
Fast and efficiënt to use

29 x 56 x 12 cm

Eye Wash

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Cederroth Eye Wash Station
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