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Excel Evacuation Chair

The Excel Evacuation Chair is developed to evacuate mobility impaired people during the event of emergency. The tracks create friction which acts as a brake to slow the descent and allows for smooth controlled operation to make sure the client will be safely transported to the place of safety. This evacuation chair is suitable for a single person operation, where other evacuation equipment often require more help. The Excel Evacuation Chair is designed to evacuate persons weighing up to 182 kg’s in case of an emergency. De chair is foldable, easy to store and is accompanied by a matching protective cover. The rubber tracks make it safe and easy to use on stairs and other surfaces.

  • 4 wheels aid manoeuvrability on any level ground
  • Rubber tracks make evacuation easy on all stair surfaces
  • Flat seat provides familiar and comfy seating position
  • Cushion offers support of head during the descent
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Operational 143 x 65 x 99 cm (operational)

Folded 113 x 65 x 29 cm (folded)

A demonstration of the Excel evacuation chair

Product FAQ

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