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“Product quality and professionalism are their strength, fast service and courtesy the added values of this company. Completely satisfied for our ongoing experience with ARKY cabinets and wall mounts.”



“We started our search on Google and found ARKY. We are defenitely happy with the looks of the cabinets and the fast response when we contacted ARKY for the first time. The outdoor AED cabinets are very reliable, as well as the quality of production and the response time. Our ordered products to Slovenia are received within 3 – 4 days which is excellent. We recommend ARKY because of the reliability, quality workmanship, expert advice and excellent prices.”


“We started our search for new cabinets worldwide and found the ARKY cabinets. As we have inspected them and got one unit to test we found out that ARKY cabinets were the way to go. So without hesitation we have included ARKY cabinets in our offers and our customers are more than satisfied with them. The ARKY cabinets are very well designed and of great quality. We are also very pleased with their service as they are very responsive and their products arrive very quickly. So our stock is now never empty for more then a couple of days.”


“The ARKY indoor cabinets are our best seller as it has a very good quality/price ratio. Working with ARKY is a pleasure as we always receive fast deliveries, kindness and helpfulness.”


“Before we supplied the ARKY products, there were not many options available for indoor cabinets. As we supply AEDs, we needed a universal cabinet to suit all of our customers. Once we found ARKY and realised the quality of the products, we have not changed suppliers since. We firstly needed to ensure that we would receive good quality products and service. The service provided by ARKY is brilliant. Our account manager is always on hand to help and is always helpful which is what stands out the most. As a customer, the service we receive is what makes us happy to work with ARKY.  The main reason we recommend these products is because of the quality of the products themselves. The cabinets cover all of our needs and the needs of our customers. Secondly is the outstanding service. Lastly, delivery times. We are never without updates on all orders which essential for us.”


“ARKY is a smart product!

Here in Italy we have installed it in different situations.

Great partner for safety!”


“ARKY found us (and not the opposite) and presented their products. Quality is great and prices are fair enough so, a good relationship was born.”


“I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I’m glad I decided to work with you. It’s a really great product and it’s obvious in the way it’s placed and how it works.

It is always a matter of trust when you have to start working with a new cabinet manufacturer. Questions that we asked ourselves was: are the cabinet in good quality, are there many defects and complaints and what is the delivery time?

Time and time again we have been pleasantly surprised by ARKY and especially by the professionalism and approaches to our cooperation. Both the speed and quality are top notch

We have moved from a “supplier/dealership agreement” to a cooperation where development, innovation and improvements are discussed in a loose tone.  We are very happy with the ARKY cabinets and to be honest, the cabinets from ARKY are the ones we have the least complaints on.”


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