AED Accessories

High-quality AED Accessories

The correct use of an AED in an emergency situation can not go without the right AED Accessories. The AED needs to be stored safely and on a location with high visibility, and it needs to kept at the right temperature. ARKY offers a wide range of high-quality AED storage solutions, as wel as a set of items that can be used during the resuscitation. This ARKY CPR Safeset contains all the items used during the CPR procedure. Together, these products are all you need to support the successful deployment of an AED in all circumstances.

ARKY Perspex Wall Mount

Next to the ARKY cabinets, there is also a perspex wall mount available. This product is designed for compact defibrillators. By storing the AED in the ARKY wall mount your defibrillator is easily accessible for all users. Besides the functionality, the AED wall mount is a stylish and compact storage...

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ARKY CPR Safeset

When you want to have a complete AED solution, the ARKY CPR Safeset is an essential component. This safe set contains all relevant items during resuscitation: Microfiber tissue, rescue blanket, pocket mask, scissors, razor and gloves.

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